Unbreakable broadband: powered by Gamma’s 4G network.

Unbreakable broadband: powered by Gamma’s 4G network.

by Tinder Corp Media, 18th November 2022

What is Unbreakable broadband? After all, surely all broadband is breakable to some extent? Surely we don’t mean that cabling can be impervious to fire, flood or enthusiastic chewing from a family of anti-IT mice?

Well actually…

No of course not. Broadband features physical components and can therefore break, that’s just common sense.

However, when we talk about unbreakable broadband, we mean that, as far as you and your business are concerned, you will never suffer any downtime to your connection.

How it works

You see unbreakable broadband gives you a 4G-based internet backup for all your devices, including your PCs, tablets, phone lines and anything else you might need.  It kicks in and activates automatically if there’s ever a fault with your fibre broadband connection (those Luddite rodents for example) meaning that you stay connected and online whatever the problem.

Because the switch to 4G is automatic, you won’t even know it’s happened, but we will and we’ll act fast to make sure that the problem is corrected and that you get your broadband back ASAP.

We offer unbreakable internet to all Tinder Corp telephony customers, for an additional cost of less than £30.00 a month on top of your existing broadband contract.

This is particularly handy as winter approaches because stormy weather and freezing temperatures can cause havoc with broadband installations, so you’ll always know you’re covered.

Unfortunately we can’t offer this service to you if you’re not a Tinder Corp Telephony customer, but with a ‘no hassle’ switch over, a price point to suit every business and a host of benefits (including cloud storage, total maintenance programs and full protection), swapping to us isn’t exactly a deal breaker!

If you’re still not sure that unbreakable internet is worth the investment, then give us a call. We can discuss whether or not TC Telephony will work for you and if you’ll benefit from our unbreakable internet package.

Spoiler alert: you will.