Work Smart for a better future

Work Smart for a better future

by Tinder Corp Media, 12th October 2022

In business, they say it’s not what you know, but who you know. Well here at Tinder Corp, what we know has a lot to do with who we know, because we learn from the best.

We’re lucky enough to be part of an amazing CEO Peer Group, consisting of movers and shakers at the very forefront of their respective fields, and all these experts are in agreement that one of the biggest things to affect companies in the coming years will be the growing demand for flexibility.

Within the next few years the number of retired people will overtake the number of working people in this country, meaning that there will be fewer workers overall. Over the next decade or so our workforce will be increasingly made up of so called ‘Gen Z’ workers who, having been brought up with super-fast internet connections and weathered the storm of the pandemic, will be used to the idea of working from home and will demand access to remote, flexible working.

This means that business owners need to start thinking in terms flexibility. Work needs to be able to be done remotely as far as possible, not only because it’s what the workforce wants, but also in case the worst should happen and we are forced to re-enter a national or global lockdown.

Similarly, this upcoming generation are showing an ever greater interest in ‘earth-friendly’ work practices, which is a wonderful thing, but does mean for example that international business will be conducted online more and more, as people seek to reduce their carbon footprint.

Companies who wish to grow and prosper in the coming years need to work smarter and cut costs, employing everything technology has to  offer in order to future proof their businesses.

Here at Tinder Corp we are experts in creating IT based solutions tailored completely to a company’s individual needs. This new technology shouldn’t break the bank – you should get just what you need and nothing more to actually cut costs and create a business that can tackle the 21st century head on.